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  •   Polysomnography (PSG) –  Is a multi-parametric  test that monitors many body functions including brain (EEG), eye movements (EOG), muscle activity ( EMG), heart rhythm (ECG) during sleep. It is a comprehensive recording of biophysiological changes that occur during sleep. It is used to diagnose, rule out, many types of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorder, REM behavior disorder, and other parasomnias. 
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Titration Study –  It is a usually done after a patient has performed a full service polysomnography(PSG) sleep test. It is for patients with moderate or severe case of sleep apnea. It is used to fit a patient with a CPAP machine, which is a small pump that pumps room air through a mask and into the nasal passages of the patient with sleep apnea, and this opens up the breathing pathways to allow for a deeper sleep. It is a very effective treatment method for sleep apnea.
  • “SPLIT” Night Sleep Study – Is where the first few hours are devoted to diagnose for sleep apnea. If found the patient is awakened and fitted for with a positive airway pressure device. The rest of the stay is to determine how well the patient responds to the PAP therapy. 
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) –  It is a sleep test that can be used to test for narcolepsy. It helps define the severity of sleepiness of a patient and distinguish between physical tiredness and true excessive daytime sleepiness. The test is usually done after a overnight sleep study and consists of four or five 20-minute nap opportunities that are scheduled two hours apart. It monitors and records the patients brain waves,muscle activity, and  eye movement.
  • Maintence of Wakefulness Test( MWT) – It is a daytime challenge test  used to measure how alert and active the patient’s body is. It is a indicator of how well the patient is able to function and remain alert in inactivity. The patient is given multiple opportunities to nap, but instructed to remain awake during the recording period. It focuses on evaluating a patients ability to do day to day activity as well as critical activity such as driving, or work-related tasks.
  • Home Sleep Test Program (HST)- Patients that qualify have the ability to have a sleep study done in the convenience  of their own home. Our board certified physician will explain how to use the home sleep study screening device, and will follow up with results and next step of treatment. It is a more cheaper and convenient method than coming into our state of the art facility.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine- It is a small pump that pumps room air through a mask and into the nasal passages of the patient with sleep apnea, and this opens up the breathing pathways to allow for a deeper sleep. Our board certified physician will educate the patient step by step of how to use the machines as well as explaining all the benefits and following up with the patients to make sure the patient is getting a better and deeper night sleep.
  • Results- Our Board Certified physician will review your tests and recommandation for treatments
  • Follow Up- We specialize in following up and maintaining a long term relationship with all our patients, so we can make sure they are getting the sleep they deserve.



  • Fully trained and certified staff members; educating as well creating a warm and welcoming environment for all
  • Prompt and flexible scheduling of appointments, catering to the patient’s needs
  • Fast and hassle free insurance authorizations
  • Latest technology in sleep medicine and state of the art equipment
  •  Convenient location with accessible parking and buses stopping right in front of our location.

  • In house educational support services to all patients and physicians 
  • Luxury hotel like rooms
  • TV/Cable
  • Fast sleep study results- 72 hours
  • Faxed or emailed of sleep study reports
  • Works closely with DME for CPAP units orders 
  • Screening tips for physicians
  • Suggestions to patients to promote a healthier lifestyle
  • Sleep disorder education seminars   Please contact us today for inquires.

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